Fair Priced Funeral

We pride ourselves on being to able to offer a fair- price funeral without compromising on care and quality. We guarantee to provide exceptional levels of care and standards to your loved one. 

Our fair price funeral also includes disbursements, which are essential third party fees delivered by others that we shall manage on your behalf.

Unlike other funeral directors, we do not use centralised hubs. Your loved one will remain in our care from the moment we remove your loved one from their place of death, until their funeral service is complete.

Whats included in the fair priced funeral?

  • We will remove your loved one from their place of death into our care, no matter what time the death occurs.
  • We will make all necessary arrangements for a dignified funeral, and liaise with all third parties.
  • We will provide a hygienic treatment, prepare and dress your loved one either in their own clothes or a gown to match the interior of our 'traditional coffin'.
  • Your loved one will rest in our private chapel of rest for the duration, at no extra charge.
  • You will be able to visit your loved one at any time that suits you. (Out of hours will be by appointment)
  • We will carry your loved one in a Daimler hearse, that will be followed by a matching Daimler limousine carrying up to 7 mourners.
  • As your funeral director, we will be there to provide support and guidance at the funeral service and beyond.